Shopping for Electronics

I recently went shopping for a washing machine. Our decades old legendary Hitachi finally breaking down often, we decided this was the best time to get one. In any other household, this would have been easier because of past experiences of brands, shops and after sales services. In our case, we were buying a washing machine after almost half a century. Yeah. All hail the Hitachi PAF-820.

How this thing came into being is forgotten now but as per my dad, he bought this beast when he was traveling through Singapore and Malaysia sometime in the 70s. This thing has NEVER broken down in all these years. Not once. We’ve never had to call for repairs all these years. It kept doing its job everyday without fail and without breakdown. Such things are unheard of in today’s day when home electronics don’t last beyond 5-10 years depending on what it is. Anecdotes from relatives and friends heard over the years is that Air conditioners and fridges typically last a decade or less, Televisions get problematic withing 5 years, washing machines between 5-7 years, irons last anywhere between 2-5 years. Our washing machine has broken all sorts of estimates.

When you want to buy something like this for the first time, you tend to ask a few people so you get a general idea of what to expect and its generally a good thing to do in a country like India because not only do you get a general review of the product but also the manufacturer, the after sales, the shop you buy it from, offers, discounts, etc etc. All this information would be fantastic if it wasn’t full of biases, outright lies, misinformation, lack of technical knowledge, buyers remorse and what not.

Its often tiring to weed through all this and find some grain of truth because once you ask someone they inundate you with all this and more. And it doesn’t stop. These things are often a topic of general talk and debate in family gatherings. My mom must have casually mentioned that we might need a new machine soon and pretty much all the people in that room had their washing machine bible ready and started suggesting the instant she finished that sentence. I get that they’re trying to help. But most of them don’t understand what they’re talking about. I have seen a pattern to these discussions where various biases for various things often get mixed up and shared. Some examples –

  1. The Retailer – The retailer is the first target of any kind of bias because you have to first go visit a few retailers to get a general idea for the various models, prices, offers, discounts, after sales (from the retailers side) and everything else. As per many people I know, if a retailer fails to provide – a good discount, a good price, a good offer, freebies, extra after sales, timely delivery (in any order) they’re bad forever. FOREVER. Its a forbidden place now. Apparently you won’t get ANY good deals on ANYTHING henceforth and you should stay away from this place FOREVER as if it has the plague. Hyperbole, I know. But this is what some genuinely believe. Reliance, Croma, Next, Vijay Sales or the local shop all suck because THEY could not get the required deal and the other place, which is either Croma, Next, Vijay Sales or some other local shop, is good because they gave you what you wanted. Basically all retailers suck and all retailers are amazing at the same time.
  2. The Manufacturer – After seeing the choices you ask which brand is best and everyone will again give different answers. Some of the answers are downright weird like my all time favorite shit argument “the products of X brand suck now because its made in China now instead of Japan/Korea/Taiwan/Germany/USA” and my next favorite shit argument “It sucks because I had a bad experience X number of years ago and therefore you should stay away from them too”. Apparently Samsung is good now because everyone knows and buys Samsung phones. LG is always something you buy after you don’t get your primary choice. Whirlpool and Voltas are something you don’t even consider till you see the price differences because their branding is such. Siemens, Bosch are something you don’t even remember exists because zilch marketing and are good because German. Then there are those forgettable in-store brands which are just branded Chinese imports. People often forget that just because their Samsung phone is top notch doesn’t mean their ACs, fridges and washing machines would be the same. These shit tier per-concieved notions often make it difficult to purchase anything.
  3. Idiotic Beliefs & Practices – If all of the above was not enough, there are ignorant, baseless and downright stupid arguments that get thrown around as a counter argument to buying certain kinds of electronic items. The most popular target is the microwave. Retarded arguments like Microwaves cause cancer and what not are always discussed by misinformed and ignorant people who parrot whatever they heard by other such people without questioning it. Another popular target is the cell phone. Televisions were a prime target back in the CRT days. WhatsApp copy pastas are often shared about these things. When these types of points are discussed, you know its time to keep quiet and move on to a different topic altogether because the original point has been lost.

I just keep quiet for most of such discussions because it is futile to correct people’s misconceptions if they are not willing to be open minded. Yes, I do speak when there is a chance that someone will appreciate what I have to share. After much thought, we bought a Siemens front load washing machine after ignoring much of what people said.

To keep it simple, keep quiet and enjoy the popcorn. Do your own research and buy what is best for you. It’s your money after all!

A Few Things

Staring at a blank page on notepad and the cursor keeps blinking. Each time it becomes visible, it reminds me to start typing. Each time it disappears, i go into my thoughts for that second and come back.


I like this space where i can talk about anything and everything i want. Its a small space and it is available for anyone and everyone to read from anywhere in the world. I like the thought of that. It is somewhat of a privilege that out of all the millions of pages and pages of the internet, i can have one little insignificant space to write and share what i want and what i feel like. I do not need much more than that. I can be myself and i do not need to pretend. 

I like writing for myself. It helps me get clarity in my thoughts. I love how i can unwind with a pen or a keyboard and write for hours on end. I’d read for a few minutes to break the monotony of writing but that would also be a distraction sometimes. It’s time i started writing for myself more . Every time i have written for myself in the past has bore fruits of appreciation. Eventually somewhere down the line i gave up on writing things because of a lack of interest and other distractions. But now i find myself doing it again…this time, its for myself. 

That Irritating Writer’s Block

William Goldman once said ‘The easiest thing to do on earth is not write’. He was right. It is hard to write. Especially hard when you need to come up with something to write every single day. Especially hard when you have to finish writing a book. Especially hard when people don’t realize how hard it is to sit down and write even a decent sentence and expect you to churn out page after page of mind-blasting writing. For some people, writing comes naturally and they are able to write as and when they want and keep doing so for the rest of their lives. For people like me, who are finicky and picky about almost all the things that come to mind, writing is like being a tea taster. You sip and taste hundreds of cups a day until you get the right taste and smell of the tea.

I see everything around me and think ‘Wow, that is such an interesting topic to write about’ and by the time I sit to write about it I go ‘Meh, leave it’. You can say that I am lethargic, but then again, it is severely difficult to write. I am a sucker for quality and don’t settle for anything which doesn’t match my expectations. This is the same reason I take such a long time to write. I want each and every word to be just right and be interesting and engaging. I don’t want to be termed as a serial ranter who has too much time on hands and too much to complain about. I have an opinion and I like to put it into words. I don’t want to write just for the heck of it, but for my own contentment.

It is liberating to put out your opinion on a public platform. When I write, I am just emptying my head of that particular thought. It makes me feel good. I start feeling significant on this planet.

Quite frankly, I hate editing and reviewing. I just like to put out the things I write as they are. It doesn’t matter if its messy and all over the place. I know editing and reviewing is important but writing is more important. Perhaps thats one of the reason I write so less. That thought of sitting and editing and reviewing what I wrote. Imagine, sitting and reading, reviewing and editing all your Tweets of the past one year. Daunting right?

Add the pressure of College and studies and your personal life. So little time is left to clear your head and start writing. Its important to have a clear head to write. Other wise your writing will come out biased and very very shitty. But by the time I am done checking my emails, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, my energy is drained and I don’t feel like writing.

So is all this counted as a writer’s block? Maybe. More than that it is distraction i suppose. Its best to write when you are completely disconnected from the world. Thoughts will flow freely that way and hence writing will be honest. Yes, thats all I need to do!