Thoughts on Wonder Woman: Earth One (Volume 1)

ww-earth-one-11f4eI am severely conflicted about whether i enjoyed this book or not. On one hand, the art is just gorgeous and i enjoyed every page of it, while on the other the story felt quite incomplete, disjointed and rushed. I’ve never read Wonder Woman before so i dont know how big a difference it is from past iterations but the Wonder Woman in this books seemed a little aloof, rebellious and clueless. She does show compassion and humanity when she reaches Earth. The constant bashing of men was annoying to read but i guess that is a part of the story. 120 pages was not enough for this retelling.

This story takes place on Earth 1 and has no bearing on DC’s main continuity and is free from those restraints. I need to read the New52 Wonder Woman to compare and understand how different a take it is from Earth 1 and which is better of the two. Possibly explore other Pre New52 versions too.

If you have never read any Wonder Woman, best is to pick up this one even though it has flaws just so you can understand the where she comes from and what shapes her character. Perhaps the biggest reason to read this is the artwork. Its fabulous.

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