Exploring HP Lovecraft

I knew HP Lovecraft was a (not so) well known and influential horror writer and his short stories have influenced horror and myths in fiction. But i had never read any of his stories, had just heard about them. One of my earliest memories of learning about the existence of Lovecraft was when i discovered comics based on the Cthulhu Mythos. I grew up watching those mysterious shows about Aliens and strange creatures and one of them was Animal X on Animal Planet. Cthulu appealed to me and i wanted to read about it but never found the starting point that i always look for when it comes to a series in any media. So i let it go but the name and the creature stuck with me.

Over the years i finally realised where and what this series of stories originated from. I was finally convinced that i should definitely read Lovecraft. Now the hunt began for searching the right book that would serve my purpose. I wanted one single book that had all his fiction and after a lot of searching, i finally bought this Hardcover from Knickerbocker Classics which has all his fictional works.

The Complete Fiction of HP Lovecraft (Knickerbocker Classics)

I cannot emphasize enough about how beautiful this book is. The box on the outside has a very detailed illustration of Cthulu which wraps around the whole box and in the center is the name of the book. The Book itself is a nice hardcover with readable large fonts and white pages neatly divided into different chapters. Its one of my favorite books to hold and read and its PERFECT to display on a bookshelf.

I’m hoping i like his work because it sounds very appealing to me. I’ve sort of neglected horror as far as books are concerned not because i am scared to read anything but because i’ve never been gripped by it. Perhaps that’s because the last time I read horror was when i used to read Goosebumps.

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