A Few Things

Staring at a blank page on notepad and the cursor keeps blinking. Each time it becomes visible, it reminds me to start typing. Each time it disappears, i go into my thoughts for that second and come back.


I like this space where i can talk about anything and everything i want. Its a small space and it is available for anyone and everyone to read from anywhere in the world. I like the thought of that. It is somewhat of a privilege that out of all the millions of pages and pages of the internet, i can have one little insignificant space to write and share what i want and what i feel like. I do not need much more than that. I can be myself and i do not need to pretend. 

I like writing for myself. It helps me get clarity in my thoughts. I love how i can unwind with a pen or a keyboard and write for hours on end. I’d read for a few minutes to break the monotony of writing but that would also be a distraction sometimes. It’s time i started writing for myself more . Every time i have written for myself in the past has bore fruits of appreciation. Eventually somewhere down the line i gave up on writing things because of a lack of interest and other distractions. But now i find myself doing it again…this time, its for myself. 

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