The Flute Seller

Every month or so a Flute Seller passes by my building playing one of his many flutes and capturing people’s attention with his sweet magical tune. It had been a while since he had passed by. In all the noise outside my window of people talking and going about their lives, the traffic, the incessant honking of cars and the motorcycle engines coughing away loudly, the flute seller’s simple tune caught my attention while i was reading the newspaper. I immediately got up and went to the many windows of my house but failed to catch a glimpse of him. But i could hear his music. He was playing a very nice melody that is still humming in my head. It brought peace and made me smile. 

His simple wooden flute was making such wonderful music that i forgot about my newspaper, my breakfast, the traffic noise and was completely mesmerised by his enchanting and magical harmony. It was such a beautiful composition. I just wanted him to play that flute all day and i wanted to leave everything i was doing and sit besides him and listen to him like Radha would when Krishna would play his divine flute. It is said that sometimes Krishna would speak to Radha through his flute and only Radha would understand perfectly. For her, the music of Krishna’s flute was more than words. A Legend goes that once, Lord Krishna asked his devotees what they would like to become in his hands. Some said the lotus, some the conch, some the chakra and so on, but no one mentioned the flute. Krishna advised them to become his flute He said that in the human personality structure is the same as the flute. There are 8 main parts: The five organs of perception, mind, intellect, and ego. If you get rid of your ego and become like a hollow reed flute, then the Lord will come to you, pick you up, put his lips and breathe through you and, out of the hollowness of your heart a captivating melody will emerge for everybody to enjoy. 

The very fact that the sound of the Bansuri (Flute) stood out from everything around me, caught my attention and made me want to get up and search for the flute seller, speaks for itself. 

I wonder if he is able to sell any flutes to the children of today. I hope he is able to. Because in our daily life surrounded by technology and our present working lifestyle, we forget to hear the simple sounds of nature and instead are plugged in to music from our phones. We keep listening to it on loop wherever we go even if it is for five minutes. Sometimes, one should just leave everything and try listening to the birds chirping, the sound of rain falling and thunder, the silence of the night and maybe even try looking for the flute seller. 

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