That Irritating Writer’s Block

William Goldman once said ‘The easiest thing to do on earth is not write’. He was right. It is hard to write. Especially hard when you need to come up with something to write every single day. Especially hard when you have to finish writing a book. Especially hard when people don’t realize how hard it is to sit down and write even a decent sentence and expect you to churn out page after page of mind-blasting writing. For some people, writing comes naturally and they are able to write as and when they want and keep doing so for the rest of their lives. For people like me, who are finicky and picky about almost all the things that come to mind, writing is like being a tea taster. You sip and taste hundreds of cups a day until you get the right taste and smell of the tea.

I see everything around me and think ‘Wow, that is such an interesting topic to write about’ and by the time I sit to write about it I go ‘Meh, leave it’. You can say that I am lethargic, but then again, it is severely difficult to write. I am a sucker for quality and don’t settle for anything which doesn’t match my expectations. This is the same reason I take such a long time to write. I want each and every word to be just right and be interesting and engaging. I don’t want to be termed as a serial ranter who has too much time on hands and too much to complain about. I have an opinion and I like to put it into words. I don’t want to write just for the heck of it, but for my own contentment.

It is liberating to put out your opinion on a public platform. When I write, I am just emptying my head of that particular thought. It makes me feel good. I start feeling significant on this planet.

Quite frankly, I hate editing and reviewing. I just like to put out the things I write as they are. It doesn’t matter if its messy and all over the place. I know editing and reviewing is important but writing is more important. Perhaps thats one of the reason I write so less. That thought of sitting and editing and reviewing what I wrote. Imagine, sitting and reading, reviewing and editing all your Tweets of the past one year. Daunting right?

Add the pressure of College and studies and your personal life. So little time is left to clear your head and start writing. Its important to have a clear head to write. Other wise your writing will come out biased and very very shitty. But by the time I am done checking my emails, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, my energy is drained and I don’t feel like writing.

So is all this counted as a writer’s block? Maybe. More than that it is distraction i suppose. Its best to write when you are completely disconnected from the world. Thoughts will flow freely that way and hence writing will be honest. Yes, thats all I need to do!

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