That Thing Called A BlackBerry

I stopped using my BlackBerry Phone BEFORE the worldwide outage and my decision to buy an Android had already been taken well in advance. This rant is not about my complaints arising because of the outage. It is about my experience of using the blackberry for 3 months.

I am not a blackberry fan. The phone, in terms of hardware are actually quite decent when compared to phones in the same price range. (I used a BlackBerry Curve 3G). What i dont like about the blackberry is the OS. It is the most outdated, sluggish, complicated piece of shit i have ever used on a mobile phone. Compared to a BB, Nokia’s Symbian feels like iOS. Before i start with the negatives, i would like to point out two big positives which i enjoyed while i used my Curve 3G. The QWERTY Keypad and Email. Make no mistake about it. The Keypad is the most comfortable, well designed keypad i have ever used. And it does no-nonsense Email. If your usage is just making calls, using email and texting, the blackberry will work wonders for you.

But it is not what you expect from a ‘smartphone’ right? You cant just do email, texting and calling. You expect good apps, good music playback, a good decent camera and good battery life and other million things. Because you paid for a smartphone.

The BB app store does not have good apps. You cannot call it an app store if you have only 2 good apps for every 10. The good apps, most of them, are pricey. I really hated Twitter For Blackberry. It was a stroke of luck that Snaptu was available on a BB.

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