On Listening

It is often a pain, atleast to me, to hear ‘Ha! I told you so!’ from a dear friend. Now i don’t mind it when it is said it in jest, but when actually talking about a real life situation with serious consequences, that sentence can be quite disappointing to hear instead of good solid advice or proper guidance. What am i supposed to make of this behavior when sharing a problem and getting a ‘Ha! I told you so’ from a dear friend? That everything is jest to them? Or that they are not at all as serious as you are? Or maybe they just want to prove that they were right and i was wrong. If the last point is the case then it is a given isn’t it?

Of course, i maybe wrong in assuming all of the above, but i do not think anyone in a grave situation would want to hear that from a friend when asking for counsel. It can not only invalidate your problem, but also puts you in a spot of bother because then you are left with your problem all by yourself.

All in all, i do not fault anyone in such a situation. Its better to hibernate on the problem and ponder over the whole thing like Sherlock Holmes would.

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