What does it mean by “Enjoy your college life”?

I finished my graduation this year and after 5 years of being in the same college, i still don’t know what is that is that college life that everyone keeps talking about and insists on enjoying it? I was told by many before i entered college that i must ‘enjoy’ it and that it will be the best thing ever in my life and that it won’t ever come again.

“Enjoying College life beta?”

“Im sure your college life must be rocking”

“Wow! you are in college?! It must be so nice na? I cant wait to get in college!”

These are the things you mostly hear when you are in college by your school going brothers and sisters, your elders and your cousins who are also studying in the same year as you but in a different college and somehow thinks his college sucks and my college is infinite times better than his (“You can easily bunk yaar, we don’t get attendance if we bunk even one lecture. So being able to bunk lectures is the first thing you need to enjoy that elusive college life.

I always attended lectures. Not because i enjoyed them or because i was a geek. But because it was simply more fun to day dream, talk with friends during the lectures, scribble on the benches, laugh at the teachers ignorance, etc. I never saw the point in bunking lectures because it always meant eating sandwich, talking for a few moments and then going home. Yeah sure, there were times when you bunked and watched a movie or went to the mall, but that didn’t happen everyday. Most of the times you bunked to just avoid a lecture and go home.

College was always about freedom and exploration. Freedom to learn what you really wanted and exploring your interests. It reads so nicely and makes you want to go to college. But in reality it is just another writing on the wall where people spit paan and throw the trash. You cannot be free to learn what you really want in college and you can explore your interests during the duration of your college festival, which in my case was 2 days out of which most of the times all you got was a college mascot dancing to Naka Muka for pretty much every half hour.

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