Superman No. 4 (The New 52)

And we are back to Jesus Merino doing the Pencils. I am not complaining. I like his action sequences and landscapes. He truly has evolved from issue 1 to 4 but I just have one complaint about him: He needs to work on his expressions. For example: The reporter on the very first page, has one stoned expression in the four panels. Could have been done with a little bit of variation. Clarke Kent looks like a beat up homeless yet again unlike the 3rd issue where he had kept hair, clean shave and good clothes.


And while the book moves at a strictly ok pace, there are some interesting things going on here. Clarke getting confused about a lot of things, Lois Lane seeing Superman flying above Smallville cemetery where the Kents are buried. What is it pointing to? That might be revealed in the later issues. But this is a very important plot point in my opinion. There a Star Trek homage in one panel, see if you can spot it. The artwork is nice and is really better than what we saw in the beginning of the series.


And yet again I was frustrated reading this issue. As soon as Heather denies on live TV that Clarke had no involvement in her story, I don’t know what happens next. I see Clarke imagining things and either he is dreaming or he has been teleported to the place where his old apartment stood. He is seen fighting the 3 creatures that attacked him in the last 3 issues. On questioning them who created them, they answer it was Superman himself. On reading the final few pages, all you can think is ‘What the hell just happened?!’. Its simply too bizarre.


The creative team changes from Issue 7. This story arc ends in Issue 6. I really hope they make the last two books in this arc fast paced and consistent in artwork. Its been patchy and good in parts. 2/5 because it wasn’t the best book in the series. Slow pace of the story killed the fun of Jesus’ artwork. 

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