Swamp Thing No. 5 (The New 52)

I can sum up my review of this issue with just one word: Wow. Each time I finish reading an issue of Swamp Thing, my mind gets frustrated thinking about how can they keep coming up with such awesome work issue after issue?! It is so good!

Swamp Thing No. 5 opens up somewhere in the Brazilian Rain Forest with a scientist opening his shirt to release killer flies. That’s all Scot Snyder will tell us. Why did he do that? We may or may not know in the later issues. We move on to Alec and Abby and their awkward interactions on their quest to find William, who in turn finds them. Here’s the thing, Yanick Paquette is not human. His artwork is out of this world. Adding to his phenomenal pencils are the colors from another non-human, Fajr Bajrn. These two break all rules of storytelling in comic books. There is not a spot in the pages of this series that is not beautiful. How do they even come up with such finely detailed and awesome layouts month after month?! Its crazy!

We finally see Alec summoning the Green and fighting the Rot controlled by William. It is the moment of this issue. Those green glowing eyes and those expressions on Alec’s face (‘’Playtime’s over William”)  that’s what Swamp Thing is all about. A fair warning. The issue ends a bit abruptly with a kiss between Alec and Abby. The Scientist makes an appearance at the end. That’s about it. Storywise, it felt like a filler issue. A Build up to the next one more than what the first four issues were: a build up to Swamp Thing himself. The series is heading off to what looks like something really spectacular. I cant wait for Issue 6. 3.5/5 for this one. Imholding back the .5 because it felt a bit hollow on the story front. 

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