Futurama No. 2

After a superb debut issue, Futurama No. 2 is a tad bit disappointing. Fry and gang have to deliver a super secret cargo and while doing so get bumped into Silicon Jack and a his pirates. But they are defeated by the smart thinking Leela. But they are kidnapped and taken to Fedex-12 by the Upsilons who wanted to steal their ‘secrets of intergalactic delivery success’. They then get rescued by Nibbler. Wow.

The book is strictly ok because unlike the 1st issue, this doesn’t have any story as such. Its very clichéd. The only thing holding it together is the gags and the dialogues. But even they fail every now and then. I really like nibbler on the show. But here, he just feels like a chimp with word balloons. Bender keeps popping up with a bottle(s) of beer every now and then.

An ok book. Nothing special. No parody ads like the last time (In my digital issue, there were none). Meh. 

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