Futurama No. 1

Futurama is a long adored series and also the best thing after The Simpsons. Matt Groening, with his trademark quirky characters takes us into the year 3000 with a 20th century slacker Philip J. Fry who was cytogenetically frozen and who wakes up 1000 years later in the year 3000.

The comic made its debut in 2000 and the futurama universe had already been established, so the stories don’t start from the beginning. They are just a spin-off (if you can call it that). As regards to continuity with the show, I don’t know. It never really aired in India apart from the first season. And I am surprised as to how its not yet aired in India. But that’s a different topic altogether.

Let me get one thing straight here. The comics are funny. They really are. When was the last time you picked up a comic book and laughed? The dialogues are as funny as the TV show. It’s a pretty straightforward comic book. Nothing fancy. It relies completely on dialogue and story and sometimes on panels to depict funny situations. But all this does not make the book dull. Infact it’s such a fresh of breath air from all the regular fare that we are used to seeing day in and day out. Its nice to see a simple comic book that makes you laugh at the visual gags, dialogue and ridiculously funny stories.

Professor Farnsworth and Bender have byfar the funniest dialogues. Fry gets a pack of Seamonkeys from the 20th Century and he wants to show his friends from the future how cool his time can be. But things go wrong when the seamonkeys are exposed to gamma radiation and they grow unnaturally big and start to destroy New New York. There are ads in the book that parody those seedy product ads in real comic books too. The book is a lot of fun. I hope they keep this up in all the issues which I will get down to reading just about now.

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