Swamp Thing No. 3 and 4 (The New 52)

As I have said before, Swamp Thing is one of the best comic books out there. It is also one of the most underrated series. Not many people know about it. And those who do know about it have been following it for years. Theres a huge gap in between and to fill that gap, the relaunched series works successfully. The solid first two issues made me expect more from the 3rd and the 4th and I got what I expected. Issues 3 and 4 are even better. The cover was really awesome and for some strange reason looked very retro. Maybe that’s just me.

In issue 2 ended with a cliffhanger and that issue 3 picks up straight from there and Abigail gets Alan to do what she wants, namely – prove that Alan can control the green. Scott Snyder gives us a glimpse of the villain, a boy named William, who can control The Rot and if he got in touch with The Rot, there would be severe consequences. William can summon The Rot with even the most basic death particles like dead skin cells and ‘bloom’ them causing instant death.

Williams’ story is pitiful and depressing. A boy who has to live in a bubble because he is deathly allergic to Chlorophyll. He cannot get outside the bubble for more than a few minutes. You can almost feel the pain that he is going through. The moment you start to pity William, Snyder pulls out his ace cards and we see William killing the doctors and children at the facility he was in and he escapes. Meanwhile, Alan and Abigail arrive at the facility to find William but instead they are faced with a gruesome scene of dead bodies and rotting flesh.

In Issue 4, William has struck again at a diner and again Alan and Abigail arrive late. They decide to sleep the night out on the grass. Alan is contacted by the Parliament of Trees and The Green and yet again, we get a beautiful and short history lesson on the warriors who have fought against the Rot since the start of time. The Greens, in coalition with the Reds have fought off the Rot since time began. The Parliament warns Alan that a kingdom of dead is being set up in the western deserts. Yet again Snyder does what he does best and gives us another plot twisting cliff-hanger to deal with at the end.

The Art just keeps getting better with each and every issue. Especially the double spreads. The parts where these comics go into the past to explain the history are, in my opinion the best. The use of tree branches and psychedelic algae looking stuff to show different panels is just eye catching. The details and finesse is too good.

Go and read for a good story and treat your eyes to some brilliant artwork.

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