Review: Action Comics No. 3 (1938)

The very first thing you notice when you pick up this book is the magnificent cover by Leo O’ Mealia. Even though that image is not seen anywhere in the comic of what looks like a ships captain trying to kill somebody, I love the detailed expression on his face. It truly stands out.

A new story of Superman begins in this issue. There is a cave in at blakely mines and a miner is trapped inside. Yet again as I said in my review of Action Comics No. 2, we again see Superman holding 4 people, 2 in each arm, and rescuing them from the mine and from poison gas. Clarke does some snooping around and finds out that the mine owner Thornton Blakely doesn’t give a damn about the miners plight nor to the conditions of the mines itself. He intentionally crashes his ‘gay party’ (Go read the issue to know what I meant by that) disguised as a miner. He is let off after Blakely makes him lead into the mine with his guests and decides to finish the party there. Superman seperates himself from the pack and decides to trap them in the mine to teach them a lesson. He makes them work like miners and teaches a lesson to Blakely.

A boring story with a predictable end. There is nothing interesting in this one. The writing basically sucked. And 3 issues down, it seems like the only thing Superman does is give the villains a taste of their own medicine. This is what has been happening in the two stories since the first two issues. It gets predictable and boring. And Why do all women look the same? I couldn’t make out any difference in the women at Blakes party and who get stuck in the mines with him. After a brilliant 2nd issue, the 3rd one is disappointing. It is was plain boring. I yawned my way through this one.


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